Advice on best laptop for year 10 boy

kattagee, Jul 21, 10:53pm
He has been using this pc with xp, knows his way around

r.g.nixon, Jul 21, 11:10pm
ASUS, Toshiba or Lenovo. Check

charles.j, Jul 21, 11:26pm
Asus are very reliable.

An entry level i3 should do the trick

kattagee, Jul 22, 1:10am
Thanks Guys
.We might try a toshiba again and tho we have had good luck with the second hand trade me ones might try notebook city if no one has bad things to say about it

jana.f.hayes, Jul 22, 6:00am
PB Tech is pretty good. You want something that'll last. It also depends on WHAT he is using it for? If it's just for Homework etc, then entry level is fine. But if he intends on gaming or media etc, then maybe something a bit more.

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