Delete default programs in OS X

suicidemonkey, Jul 22, 2:53am
Hey guys, here's one for the Mac gurus -
Is there any way to delete the default programs that OS X comes with? Mail, Photo Booth, etc.. Can't seem to get any answers on Google.

Running Lion.


charles.j, Jul 22, 2:57am
Have you tried anything in the command line?

I'm curious about this also...

reeveopd, Jul 22, 3:06am
Good question, I've never tried...

Can't test now as I don't have a Mac with me :(

What happens if you drag them to the recycle bin? Or use something like App Zapper?

Out of curiosity....why would you want to?

suicidemonkey, Jul 22, 3:19am
I don't use any of them.. and I have a relatively small SSD with Windows 7 on it too.. so trying to save space.

I'll look into App Zapper. Thanks.

reeveopd, Jul 22, 3:35am
Are you using many Universal Binary apps?

You could try and recover some space by stripping the PPC archetechure from them using something like Monolingual (which will also remove all those unused language files)

suicidemonkey, Jul 22, 3:42am
Thanks reeveopd, I tried monolingual yesterday and saved a couple of gigs :)

As for app zapper, that does the trick. Although Mail and Photo Booth were like 100MB all up, so I didn't bother.

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