Mac Database Advice

Hi everyone.

I would like to create a database to query data retrieved from a questionnaire. What is the best program available for Mac's from your experience?


geek_nakigal73, Jul 23, 9:04 pm

Filemaker ??

geek_macuser, Jul 23, 9:57 pm

oh dear... *runs away in terror*

geek_gibler, Jul 23, 9:58 pm

Bento is a good DB app. You can always use SQL, plenty of apps available for that.

geek_reeveopd, Jul 24, 12:07 am

Tough question as would needa bit more detail...

If the data from the quistionaire is in a standard format - like CSV or TABS then all databases should be able to import and massage and report on it. I'd suggest FileMaker - as it is a good intermediate step.

geek_groovebox, Jul 24, 12:42 pm

Thanks for your advice everyone :)

geek_nakigal73, Jul 24, 1:38 pm

Try using MAMP. It's a PHP, MySQL, and Apache server which is really easy to install!

geek_possum888, Jul 24, 5:45 pm

You might get away with Bento if you can do it all on one table.Bento is a flat database, it only has one table and no real relational capabilities, but it can work with Address Book and iphoto. Bento is still very capable and will handle most things.

Filemaker is a full on relational database package and is absolutely awesome.It's also rather expensive and complex.You do see older versions on sale here very occasionally but don't bother with anything before version 7 though.

Both have trial versions, download Bento first and have a play.If it isn't enough give Filemaker a go.

geek_mrsdoobercoons, Jul 24, 6:04 pm