Advice on programming languages

sblaidler, Jul 23, 9:56am
I am thinking of developing my rusty and aging IT skills. Should I a) practice or build on existing but rudimentry C++ or visual basic or pascal coding, and if so what for ( if not just the practice ) or b) pick a new language or development platform or environment, or d) focus on networking..

sblaidler, Jul 23, 9:58am
or c) databases

r.g.nixon, Jul 23, 10:05am
Whatever you enjoy the most.

sblaidler, Jul 23, 10:12am
True that

sblaidler, Jul 23, 10:14am
But aren't they obsolete languages

r.g.nixon, Jul 23, 10:14am
Javascript has been really taking off in popularity.
I have tinkered with Basic and C in the past. Then had a look at Perl and Python. I like Python most due to the easier maintenance and it being cross platform.

r.g.nixon, Jul 23, 10:16am
No C++ isn't obsolete. And it is good if you need speed.

dondonsplace, Jul 23, 9:23pm
I was once told by an industry worker that you should keep away from proprietary langauges, For that very reason i'm now signed up to a Java paper and it's a very good language.

sblaidler, Jul 25, 5:44am
Yes keep hearing the Java calling. Amazing to hear another Kiwi crew has turned software toilings into multi-million dollar bank ballances re the Wellington Co and its software for downloading web pages a few seconds faster. Are these types of outfit pooling multiple languages and development environments? And what about the "Apps" market for smart phones? I mean as everyone here no doubt knows, it is a huge personal investment becomming proficent in a programming language with so many of them going 'off' before the best before or used by date. Does it matter what language you pursue skill in, with high skill being more important that the language it is applied in, or is it a bit like becomming the countries best black and white TV repair man if you pick the wrong language?

7of9, Jul 25, 9:40am
Depends on the reason why you want to program from my experience if you want a Job use .net C# and if you want to do it for fun its up to what you prefer personally I am a JavaScript, HTML 5, and Java person mainly because I can get my code to a wide range of users and Android uses Java.

wombatunder, Jul 25, 9:53am
Best advice I can give is pick a robust language such as C++ or Java and be really proficient and up-to-date in that...and if your intentions are vocational, pick up "the others" on an as-needed basis. The days when it made sense to put all your eggs in one basket are long gone.If you are well-grounded in one fully featured OO language then it's no big deal to pick up another when you need to.

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