Dumby needs help please loading printer driver

cartooncath, Jul 25, 10:21pm
I am sitting in my home office surrounded by ice and snow and wanting to throw my computer out of the window.My boss has just given me a Fuji Xerox DocuPrint C525 A to use as my printer has died.When I load the disk it tell s meInternal Error can't open PrtEnv.I have gone to the Fuji Website to try and download drivers and not sure what I am after, I tried downloading one but couldn't get it to load.


Found the following drivers but have no idea what I am after.I have Windows 7 which could be the problem with the disk??????

Can anyone help before I throw the printer in the snow...lol

cartooncath, Jul 25, 10:21pm
.............and I spelt Dummy wrong, really starting on the right foot...

drcspy, Jul 25, 10:25pm
ok first thing RIGHT clik 'my computer' then clik 'personalize' (think thats the one it's the bottom one of the menu you'll get after right cliking) then take a look at the info on the page and see if you are running a 32bit or 64bit version of win7

cartooncath, Jul 25, 10:26pm
32 Bit......

drcspy, Jul 25, 10:28pm

two drivers on this page not sure whether it's the first or the 2nd but try one then the other if you need

also if it's a usb connection DONT plug in the usb lead to the computer till the installation process tells you to do so

cartooncath, Jul 25, 10:29pm
Thanks will give it a go, apprecaite the quick feedback

cookee_nz, Jul 29, 1:49pm
If that didn't work, have you tried simply connecting the printer and letting windows search online for the driver when it detects it? - sometimes the simple solutions work a treat.You'll only probably get a minimal driver but will at least get you printing.

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