AdBlock for Chrome problem

On one particular website I accidentally moved the slider a fraction too much and adblock now blocks the entire site's content. I know I can disable adblock for that site, but then I get back all those obnoxious ad's that I wanted gone in the first place. How do I "reset" adblock or get the slider to come back so that I can get the content back AND (more carefully this time!) filter out the ad's?
Cheers :-)

geek_waipawa, Jul 27, 1:38 am

Search ad block plus its for firefox and chrome.

geek_johnf_456, Jul 27, 9:56 pm

Chrome has it's own @ chrome shop(free) with no slider.Blocks ADS for

geek_deodar1, Jul 27, 11:38 pm

Could you post a link to this? Are you SURE you are not thinking of Adblock, which is the one I'm using and it definitely DOES have a slider.

geek_waipawa, Aug 1, 12:14 am

There are 2 Adblock extensions on chrome. For the one that you are using,
just go to the page then click the Adblock button > "show the resource list".
The red urls are the ones that are blocked just tick the box next to the one you want to unblock, I would start with the ones that don't have "ad" in the line

geek_silver-trader, Aug 1, 9:32 am

Thanks have managed to get it sorted.

geek_waipawa, Aug 1, 3:16 pm