ADSL inline filters......

morab, Jul 26, 7:58pm
how important are they.....
my Desktop PC was intermittingly not conecting and when it did i was having to restart skype.
the PC was becoming slow...
I replace the inline ADSL filter and all is good as new....
WOT is the life expectancy of a ADSL filter and do I need to have one on ALL telephone jackplugs...

drcspy, Jul 26, 8:18pm
you need to have them on all jacks which are in use by telephone devices (including your sky box if it's plugged into the phone jack) EXCEPT for filtering to the adsl modem which is unnecessary

you pc was 'becoming slow' ? online ? or slow in general ?
life expectancy ? varies - my filters have lasted years.....they ARE 'cheap and nasty' so dont expect too much from em
also ANY connector in the system can be a trouble point including double phone adaptors /length of cables etc etc

morab, Jul 26, 8:23pm
thanks for that was slow...all good
so I had better go buy another to replace the loung phone filter that i replaced the comp filter with...

cybertao, Jul 26, 8:31pm
You don't need a filter for the ADSL modem, just the telephones.The 'ADSL' socket on the filters is usually an unfiltered line that bypasses the circuitry.
You might need the right cable to go from the modem to the phone jack though, but you can pinch one from an old telephone.

gyrogearloose, Jul 26, 8:56pm
The phone extension leads are also prone to copper/green corrosion inside the sockets.

sunshine60, Jul 26, 10:12pm
And if you are with telecom\xtra they have been changing there lines to adsl2 which has also been causing some issues. if you have ongoing issues after changing the filter check with them to see if your line is set to adsl1 or adsl2. they have been changing then without notifying anyone and some of the older D-link routers (302) dont function correctly on the adsl2 connection.

morab, Jul 26, 11:01pm
thank u for that...telecom has just changed it over last month

stephen, Feb 29, 11:35pm
You do need to filter the modem. I was only getting max 1gb, when I put filter on the modem I got up to 4gb. Telecom advice on this is un clear and contradictory

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