Camera advice please - looking to buy one for use

chakendrick, Jul 26, 9:30pm
on overseas trip so it needs to be compact. Saw the Olympus SZ10 and liked it but someone suggested a NikonS9100 would be better.
Have looked online for reviews but cant find any for the Olympus which is a bit odd.
Any advice on which is better and why?
A novice camera person here.

drcspy, Jul 26, 9:32pm
dunno much about cameras but the mrs was gonna go for a safari in africa and we bought a cheap ($99) camera for her think it was 12Mp.......anyway the main reason we got it even tho we already had a cheap camera was that it took ordinary AA batteries so wouln't require charging (just stock up on a few batteries before the trip).......this may be something you want to look at also.....

reeveopd, Jul 26, 9:44pm
In my experience I have found Canon cameras to be the best and most reliable.

navestrebor, Jul 26, 9:58pm
We buy a lot of compact cameras for staff, and all have been very happy with Canon Ixus models and the Panasonic TZ range.

charles.j, Jul 26, 10:07pm
Olympus are pretty good. I don't know too much about cameras, but mine hasn't failed

..pip.., Jul 26, 10:07pm
I have NEVER had a camera that wasn't reliable, and we currently own 4 cameras, the top end one being a Nikon D90 and the low end a little $100 samsung.

Test them in the shop, get at least 10MP.Buy some rechargable batteries.You can't go by what brand other people have because thats pure personal preference and not through any real experience with other brands.I for example know nothing about Canons because I own a Nikon.

..pip.., Jul 26, 10:09pm

chakendrick, Jul 27, 12:07am
Thanks for this. I was looking for user reviews and only found 3 on Amazon.

kintama_80, Jul 27, 6:14am
Canon's and Panasonic's in the 10MP+ with 8x or more optical zoom are always a solid bet for travel.I've found both to be reliable and produce great photos, previously had a Canon S2 IS which served me well for 5 years, but loving the compact size of my Panasonic FH22.You don't need more than about 10MP but the optical zoom is a must as it allows you to zoom closer without the picture degradation that digital zoom has.

vtecintegra, Jul 27, 6:44am
Just be aware that the superzoom lenses are relatively high quality.There is a reason why all the more expensive models have much more modest zooms.

vtecintegra, Jul 27, 7:11am
Above post was meant to say low quality.

dolphin9, Jul 27, 7:20am
I had a canon which I was happy with, then my daughter went to buy a camera and the salesman recommended the fugifilm as the lens slides aross to use it, it doens't extend out like most camera.he told her that most faults with cameras breaking is from dust/grit getting in the pop out lens and breaking it.Then just recently thats exactly what happened to mine, lens broke so wont retract back in, so I am now buying the fugifilm camera that just slides across

wellyguynz, Jul 27, 7:58am
go in to the stores and have a play you want a camera that will start up fast ,also check out how quick it is to take a photo ,some cameras take for ever to focus and take a pic

kecal, Jul 27, 7:59am

peter148, Jul 27, 8:56am
I recommend getting a camera (such as the Ixus) small enough to have in your pocket.It might not have all the bells and whistles, but you can whip it out at any time to capture events as they happen.

rua69, Jul 27, 9:35am
As said, a camera using AA batteries means you don't need to carry a charger and adapters around. Mrs Rua took a Canon A-something around Europe a couple of years ago. A pair of Li Energizers lasted four months (ymmv), and she got fantastic pictures.

I've used Canon, Ricoh, and Fuji cameras. All have made good pictures, but the Fuji F-series ones probably hold the edge overall. The Canons and Ricoh have been the easiest to use.

I bought an Ixus 105 recently and love it as much for its skinny pocketability as its great pictures. And you can buy ok aftermarket batteries for less than $10.

johnf_456, Jul 27, 9:35am
I personally find panasonic ones brillant but I am not a photography antic so I am easily pleased but I still want good quality.

hyborn, Jul 27, 9:10pm
I love my panasonic one, small, good mp, great zoom, awsome photos and I brought a extra battery to have on hand, my friend brought a camera cant think of brand but could only charge battery when in camera which I thought was dumb as if your battery is flat and you still want to take photos you want a spare have one charging while using another. thats just me.

bryshaw, Jul 28, 12:32am
I use my $100 samsung most of the time...compact, clear pics and reliable. My bulky $1000 panasonic is gathering dust.

rua69, Jul 28, 1:15am
It depends. My Fujis charge in camera. It's no hassle to charge overnight, and the battery life is so good (amazingly so) that I've never been caught out. Certainly don't get the sudden battery death I've had with my Ixuses, which definitely need a backup.

micro12, Jul 28, 3:21am
We took two while on holiday one Canon SX20is which had the zoom and the extra features (used this for the touristy pictures) and a Canon Ixus, which we took out in the evenings so it would fit in the handbag easily and not have to carry around a bulky camera bag - but still had opportunity to take pics if needed.Both of those have decent zoom on it all I can suggest is go into a shop and take some pictures see what you find easiest to work and carry around.The TZ series in the Panasonics are good too :)

michael200, Jul 28, 8:30am
Canon Ixus 220HS (tiny and Full HD Movies) Or Panasonic TZ range - both very good.

deus701, Jul 28, 11:43am
I bought a Canon SX130, I only ever used my phone for taking pictures, but I feel ready to graduate beyond 5mp. I like this canon as I can take half decent pics of the moon.

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