Help Please for Brother DCP 7010 Laser Printer

natiporou, Jul 27, 12:13am
I have a desktop Windows XP and am having trouble trying to install my laser printer, i also have a laptop which has vista software and just plugged printer in and it went, can someone please advise of a what i can do

drcspy, Jul 27, 12:14am
yeh DETAIL what 'trouble' you are having with the install

vvlkid, Jul 27, 12:54am
Did you use the installation CD to intall the drivers onto XP?

natiporou, Jul 27, 11:07am
when i go and add printer, the wizard takes it thru process and then tells me cannot add printer, i do not have a cd to install the driver onto XP as it did not get one when brought this printer, when i try to install printer, i get options of printers but not this one

vvlkid, Jul 28, 12:10pm
Go to the Manufactures website and search for drivers for it, then use those to install it.

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