OS X Lion Exploit

charles.j, Jul 27, 10:30pm

Interesting read. It's amazing how clever some people are huh?

remmers, Jul 27, 11:35pm
Really, they have to have their computer alongside yours, connect a firewire cable between the two, run the software on their computer and 10 minutes later they will get the password!
It would be easier just to physically steal it or is that too low tech.

charles.j, Jul 28, 12:26am
I was more thinking in locations like Universities where they are everywhere...
A cable wouldn't be notices at all would it?

remmers, Jul 28, 12:48am
In that situation would not users log off after each session?

charles.j, Jul 28, 12:49am
People leave computers logged in a lot in the computer labs..
Some people vanish for about 30mins, then return

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