Runnig programs as administrator

I have a program that needs to be run as an administrator. The program guys tell me to right click the shortcut icon on the front screen. However I can not see anywhere to run as administrator. There is one screen that is greyed out which has the option to run as a different user etc. How do I get to that to try this solution out. The program in question is T5 suite.

geek_rawill, Jul 28, 11:53 am

Running a program as administrator

* In Windows 7 or Vista, if a particular software program on your computer requires you to be logged in as an administrator, right-click it from the Start menu, and select Run as administrator.

In Windows XP, navigate to the program you wish to launch with different privileges. Click it once to select it, and then hold down the Shift key and right-click the program. You'll see a contextual menu from which you can select Run as... and then choose a different account.
* In Windows 7 or Vista, from the Start menu, in the "Search programs and files" field (in Windows XP, from the Start menu, select Run... ), enter the following command: runas /user:username cmd

Replace username with the name of the account you want to use. You can replace cmd with any command you'd like to run (if it contains spaces between characters, enclose it in double quotes). Click OK. When prompted, enter the password for the account you've chosen. This method will start a new command shell in a new session, from which you can launch programs.

geek_blenheim-trader, Jul 28, 11:58 am

You won't get anywhere trying to right click a shortcut to run as admin

geek_shaneo2, Jul 28, 12:14 pm

Thank you for reading and making suggestions.

I should be right now with blenheim-traders response.


geek_rawill, Jul 28, 12:41 pm

Don't need the shift key on XP.
The right click menu that pops up has a "Run as" .. click that & all will be explained

geek_mrfxit, Jul 28, 1:44 pm

Depends on what program it is it does not always show depending on the circumstances.

geek_johnf_456, Jul 29, 10:50 pm

geek_kolinir, Jul 29, 11:05 pm