Advice sought on website search engine software

cpg, Aug 1, 9:04am
There is Search engine software available to index the information on your web site or intranet, making it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for.

I've tried some programmes but they only take you to the top of the relevant web page, not to where the search term actually appears on the page. For a long web page this is not very helpful.Is there any software available that can take you to where the search term appears on the web page?

jdncomz, Aug 1, 9:06am

cpg, Aug 1, 9:13am
Yes Ctl+F is what you and I use, but I can see from my web site logs that people come to my site after googling a specific term but only stay a few seconds, not long enough to find the search words - they are not smart enough to Ctl+F which is why I need a search box to help them.

dunedin_ree, Aug 1, 9:56am
Then your pages are too long.

Get a CMS with a built-in search.

flexihost, Aug 1, 8:11pm
If the pages are very long, you might be better to split the content to make it better to read, and to also improve your ranking as well. The more pages you have you there, the better people can find you (if you use good meta descriptions and titles)

Also, visit create an xml sitemap, join Google Web Master tools, and submit your site map there.

Worthwhile tracking the visitor stats so you can see how people are finding your site, and tweak your content to suit.

flexihost, Aug 1, 8:12pm
Good idea also dunedin_ree regarding CMS with built in search engine.

cpg, Aug 2, 12:00am
Thanks for all the helpful advice and I will look into CMS.

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