Printer only prints sometimes! Please help

angelzw, Jul 31, 2:21am
Sometimes I send print jobs to the printer and it works fine. Then I will send a job and it won't print at all. Lights do not blink on printer indicating it is receiving a job - it just sits there with a solid green light. The job then goes into the print window and says printing but nothing prints. Then I simply cannot get rid of the job through all the usual delete prints jobs etc, turn off printer, reboot pc etc. The printer connects via USB and am running Vista. Does this sound like a printer problem or a pc problem. As I said sometimes it prints with no trouble at all and sometimes it won't. Jobs it fails on or works on are random. No pattern. Thanks in advance for any assitance.

angelzw, Jul 31, 2:43am
Any ideas anyone?

asmawa1, Jul 31, 2:49am
Stab in the dark - try a different cable?

angelzw, Jul 31, 2:50am
Tried. Thanks. Anything else? So random it's driving me bats.

asmawa1, Jul 31, 2:52am
Reinstall the printer driver?

vintagepretty, Jul 31, 3:07am
try typing the model number +troubleshooting in google and see what other people said, you might find your problem and solution. Your printer must be a female;-P

groovebox, Jul 31, 3:20am
What documents are printing fine and what ones aren't?

angelzw, Jul 31, 4:17am
There is no pattern to it not printing. It sometimes works printing from the same progs sometimes it won't. Reinstalled driver, changed cable, googled printer. No resorting to having to run thru services, print spooler, stop, deleting files under c:\windows\system32\spool\prin-
ters, restarting print spooler under services. Annoying. What I am trying to determine is is it the printer or the pc? If I get a new printer will the problem be solved??

asmawa1, Jul 31, 4:37am
Thats a 50/50 question. Try your computer with another printer, try your printer on another computer.

angelzw, Jul 31, 4:43am
Tricky one. Don't have another printer or pc to try.

vintagepretty, Jul 31, 6:10am
Harvey Norman gives away Epson printers for $48 at the moment. I do not know your budget, requirements and level of desperation though. I would say it is Windows glitch sending a job to printer, but I am not an expert. If any of your friends visits with laptop, you could ask them to run a test-just a single piece of paper with one word, 10 separate tries.

angelzw, Aug 1, 9:48am
Yeah $48 is not a lot - just that want to be 100% sure. Guess with this level of frustration it might just be $$ well spent. Thanks anyway.

hakatere1, Aug 1, 11:47am

r.g.nixon, Aug 1, 8:41pm
Try another operating system, to narrow down to hardware or software.

vintagepretty, Aug 1, 11:06pm
Does your printer has USB or wireless? If you print jobs from it without problems, then it is OS.Please let us all know your printer brand, maybe someone already experienced the same

question_chick_, Aug 2, 9:21am
When you say reinstalled did you fully delete the driver or did you just delete the printer?

vintagepretty, Aug 2, 10:47am
HURRY!! Warehouse stationery has canon ip4850 in spec for $99! I bought the same one two days ago for a full $180 price and will probably have a sleepless night about it;-) This model prints on CDs

cat1340, Aug 2, 10:58am
could be a spooler problem google it and it will tellyou where to go to fix it, same thing happened to mine a while a go and this was problem it all goes fine now.......make sure to set it to automatic though.....

sunshine60, Aug 2, 12:18pm
vista hates you... just like it hates everyone it a laptop or a desktop? if a laptop then i suspect you dont have it plugged in all the time. do you plug it back into the same usb port each time?

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