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johnhb, Jul 31, 2:53am
Probably in the wrong category, but couldn't work out where to put it? We have four cordless phones (Uniden) which appear to have developed a background "hum".. I figure it may be because they're not earthed properly, and that it's probably a case of one wire not being connected to what it should be. Is there any user-friendly way of earthing a telephone?

muzzaandmich, Jul 31, 4:48am
whyhas the hum has started ,,seems more likely to be one of the portable phones causing the problemdid you wire the system yourselfif so there is youranswer ,first disconnect everything from the incomming line and connect only the aproved telephone onto the line socket... if its clear then connect one jack at a time back on to the wiringuntil you can be sure what is causing the problemif all else fails contact your service providerfor expertadvice

boots0016, Jul 31, 5:53am
Could it be a wireless router, sometimes they can make a bit of a hum on a cordless phone

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