3G iPad telecom prepaid microsim

Does the unused data carry over to the next month with telecom? And you only to up when your mb need topping up? Or do you have to top up each month to keep active? As I am mainly on wifi and will only use a connection maybe once a month or so.
Vodafones does not carry over unsed mb and they only have 2 plans available for the iPad and unused does not carry over. Also $20 or 50 a month.
I just want some sort of casual rate? Is there one available for the iPad?

geek_everglade4fun, Jul 30, 11:04 am

Anyone got any advice?

geek_everglade4fun, Jul 30, 11:45 am

ring telecom and ask,

geek_swivel, Jul 30, 12:31 pm

Have tried but 40 min wait. Will go to shop but just asking on people's personal experiences??

geek_everglade4fun, Jul 30, 12:37 pm

geek_l43a2, Jul 30, 1:28 pm

It used to , but they have just updated their plans. If you purchased one a few months ago, you were luicky as you would still be on the old plan.

I think the 2 degrees plans look better, but coverage may not be as good.

geek_mattnzw, Jul 30, 5:44 pm

The only place that seems to provide any flexibility in plans is 2 Degrees. But it all depends on what kind of service you want and whether you are in the right area.

geek_missgill, Jul 30, 7:47 pm

I am on telecom prepaid for my iPad and the data just keeps going till its run out I put $100 on mine when i first got it and over a year later I'm still going lol and yes I do use it often

geek_lustee32, Jul 30, 9:06 pm

That is the plan I previously talked about above. It is no longer offered to new customers.

geek_mattnzw, Jul 30, 11:05 pm

Yeah looks like a min charge of 25 a month with telecom. Thanks.

geek_everglade4fun, Jul 30, 11:23 pm