HTC Thunderbolt, where can I get it?

gweedo1, Jul 29, 8:45am
Anyone know anywhere in NZ that sells the HTC Thunderbolt, I have Googled and found nothing.

suicidemonkey, Jul 29, 8:51am
It's not on Pricespy or at Mobicity, which means it's not in NZ yet.

The HTC Sensation is at Telecom. Much better specs than the Thunderbolt.

gweedo1, Jul 29, 8:54am
Thanks, Whatever I get its not going to be at store Prices, I think sells the Sensation for $400 cheaper than Tcom.

vtecintegra, Jul 29, 8:55am
The Thunderbolt is a CDMA/LTE device and won't work here at all.As above the Sensation is the one you want (vodafone/2d versions are available parallel imported)

twaymouth, Jul 29, 8:56am
The Thunderbolt won't work in New Zealand anyway, our networks will not support it

fordcrzy, Jul 29, 8:57am
the phones arent THAT much cheaper from overseas... the plans are what kills us

gweedo1, Jul 29, 8:57am
Thanks for your help guys! I probably should have done better research.

vtecintegra, Jul 29, 8:58am
The Sensation is hundreds of dollars cheaper parallel imported

suicidemonkey, Jul 29, 9:29am
Telecom has it $0 upfront on a 2 year contract too, if anyone wants to go down that road.

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