1gb of ram what size page file

1gb of ram what size page file GFX card is not shared. Should it be 512mb and 1024??

geek_ilottl, Jun 9, 11:31 pm

In the system settings, W XP?, turn off the ...size of the page file...sorry, this is late at night for me....remove the size of the page file so it is no more. Restart the computer and let Windows decide how much it should be. Then check back in where the page file setting is and look for the recomended and the actual sizes and reset the size manually to the recommended size. Restart the computer...again...

geek_olack, Jun 10, 1:07 am

Or if it's xp set it to 0 and see how you go. .

geek_hdmovies, Jun 10, 8:48 am

Page file is normally 1.5 times the amount of installed memory so should be around 1536MB.

geek__sexylady_, Jun 10, 9:51 am

Hehe I'll buy into this fight No idea where the idea of the swap file being a % of RAM came from, but I would say it has far more to do with your use of the system than the amount of memory installed....

geek_smac, Jun 10, 10:32 am