Printer reccommendation?

04gman, Aug 2, 6:25am
i want a printer - a cheap one - meaning one of the ones that are $60 or so. is there one that will work just on black, meaning if the colour ink runs out it will still run on black. i got one but even though i wanna only print black typing it wont work when the yellow or pink runs out. any ideas? was lookin at this one as comes with ink

tradenow100, Aug 3, 1:51am
maybe better luck this time comming to the top of the page. good luck

baker-assoc, Aug 3, 1:53am
If you are only wanting to print black & white get a laser

yes its a bit more but will save you on printing over inkjets

mattnzw, Aug 3, 3:06am
The cheap inkjets tend to have more expensive cartridges, or they are smaller. They are almost giving the printer away so they an then get you hooked into the ink purchases. They also only come with starter cartridges, so you have to factor in that you are going to have to buy cartridges too with the purchase, which will likely be more than the printer cost.
For black printing, you can get a canon laser from warehouse stationary for $99 that comes with a starter toner, which will last a while,and you can get toner refills for around $60 that last for ages. I have one of those, and it has been good so far.
In my opinion if you are wanting a colour printer, you are best to buy a more expensive one with a good affordable cartridge replacement system. But colour inkjet printing is expensive.

vintagepretty, Aug 3, 6:09am
$48 Epson in Harvey Norman. $99 Canon ip 4850 on special this week in Whouse Stationery. I am guttered, as I just paid the full $180 for it!
I heard a printer repair specialist saying canon is better than HP. This one prints on CDs!
I think they all stop printing if the color runs out though...

vintagepretty, Aug 3, 6:11am
P.S. I think ALL new printers come with ink. also, there is a cheap $54 canon model in Whouse stationery, but colour cartiges are all in one, I don't know how it will behave if one colour runs out.
Cartriges for Epson are only $13, doesn't come cheaper than that!

vintagepretty, Aug 3, 6:13am
There is also a lazer B/W canonfor $99 somewhere... forgot, as looked through several shops. It is dearer in Dick Smith.

vtecintegra, Aug 3, 6:17am
I have an HP C5380 - it prints black and whitefine if one or more colours have run out. Reasonably cheap for printing B+W text too but very expensive on colour photos.

mattnzw, Aug 3, 9:38am
You didn't read my earlier post, as new printers only come with STARTER ink cartridges, which are good for only a few pages of printing. Also I said where you can get the $99 canon from as per above.

mattnzw, Aug 3, 9:51am
No problem :) The canons are very nice printers. They actually take HP toners, so they possibily share a lot of HP components.

zak1998, Aug 3, 11:42am

nzmu, Aug 3, 9:39pm
Epson Canon and Brother come with full ink cartridges. HP come with 'intro' cartridges and are usually marked this way. The 'new' Brother HL2130 now comes with an intro toner cartridge of about 1000 pages - it's predecessor came with a full TN2130 (approx 1500pages)

mattnzw, Aug 4, 2:02am
A friend purchased a canon and that only had a starter one in it, although I don't think it was marked as a starter, but it didn't last very long. I got an HP about 6 months ago and I don't think the cartridges were marked as starter either, but they also only lasted a few pages. But even full cartridges hardly last any time, and when the printer does it's 'cleaning' process when one of the colours stops working, and it uses much of the ink.
I purchased a business HP inkjet about 8 years ago, and the cartridges in that last so much longer and has less problems than the new HP I got for home use. Those are the ones where the head is part of the cartridge, but the cartridges are expensive.

malcovy, Aug 4, 3:33am
Lythande gave a great website and I bought a printer last week for $66.10it is a Canon mp280 and it came with two full ink cartridges, free shipping in NZ.

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