Any1 got OSX Leopard install disc they wana sell?

martha08, Aug 2, 10:38am
Just going to rest my mac back to factory settings and want to re-install my osx leopard but can't find my original discs, so wanting to buy it.

mattnzw, Aug 2, 10:59am
Can't you download it? This is my problem with apple, that the CDs of the old OSX versions are almost impossible to source, although some places sell them for a premium.I believe Lion is downloadable so you could aways upgrade to that.

zaowl, Aug 2, 11:14am
Can I jump into this thread with a question not unrelated to the OP.... so say the disks are missing and you found a download suitable for the unit in question... my problem started with the disk burning process. Can anyone recommend a brand of dual layer disk that works and completes the verify process? Similar situation to OP but in my case I want to reload to ascertain whether my PowerBook has a hardware or software issue. Every disk I have burnt to date has failed the verify process.
OP, I have found the OSX Leopard disks people are selling are expensive.
If you have an intel based mac it could easily be cheaper to buy a copy of Snow Leopard or maybe even Lion depending on the spec of your Macbook. My MacBook is running Lion beautifully.

stardesta, Aug 2, 11:27am
Well I need to wipe my intel Mac as I think it has some bugs and it is running real slow. So once I wipe I then I I want to insert leopard and install, then upgrade to snow leopard from there. Not sure if I can install snow leopard withoutleopard.

malachiman, Aug 2, 3:33pm
You can install SL without L.

You mac is slowing down? Have you tried some basic maintenance. Download Onyx, its a great App. Maybe first step repair permissions.

pootinarna, Aug 3, 5:20am
Ive got the install discs for snow leopard but not sure if they will work with ya mac, got a stack of them after a computer lab update. they are from the 21.5" imac.
If you ascertain if they will work and wont them i can start an auction for you.

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