Acer Model

Anyone know the model of an Acer laptop selling at JB for $898.00!
512MB Graphics

I got 5560 as the model but Google says otherwise
Thanks for any help

geek_guitarwidow, Aug 4, 6:02 pm

It's Acer, probably best to just leave it at that :)

geek_suicidemonkey, Aug 4, 6:05 pm


geek_blenheim-trader, Aug 4, 7:20 pm

Sweet jesus do not get an acer! A lot of people here probably know my story, I sent my heap back in May, and just got my refund today! I did more research this time and got an Asus. Theres still time for you so don't get it! :P
Most here seem to reccomend Asus or Toshiba

geek_obsidianwings, Aug 4, 8:26 pm

if you have any trouble with your Asus, its easily fixed.

geek_paddaricko, Aug 5, 1:50 am