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jasongroves, Aug 4, 7:19am
Having a bit of an issue installing a Fuji Xerox WorkCentre 220 driver.
Have managed to locate the driver (Windows XP) without a problem but after downloading and unzipping, it shows up as a dll file.which I am unable to open!
Any other time I have installed a printer, the driver has been an exe file.Im more than a little
Am I doing something wrong!
Ive tried numerous downloaded drivers, from different sites, all have been the same.
Thanks in advance for any advice:)

drcspy, Aug 4, 7:22am
a dll file ! that's not right

floydbloke, Aug 4, 7:24am
was there no .INF included in the zip file as well!

oclaf, Aug 4, 7:25am
I just downloaded it from the xerox site, everything you need is there. You need too use the INF file.
Use this guide!cref=TEC14642

jasongroves, Aug 4, 8:32pm
Sorry guys, had to go out:)
Thanks for the advice, have tried installing as per the above link but it tells me that the files needed arent there!
Files in the downloaded driver files are:
OEM Print, which is a document.
PMPCL52K.dll, printer driver.
And 2 GPD files.

jasongroves, Aug 4, 8:39pm
Any chance you could post up a link to the driver you downloaded! Just in case Ive downloaded the wrong one!

drcspy, Aug 4, 8:43pm
THE oem print file is the inf file.

ooseven1, Aug 4, 8:44pm
You could try manually installing the printer driver and take the "have disk" option then point it at PMPCL52K.dll
Not sure of the exact procedure without actually doing it but if you point it to the location of the .INFit should just install the driver for you.

jasongroves, Aug 4, 8:45pm
When I try to install it though, it just tells me that the file doesnt contain the program files needed!

jasongroves, Aug 4, 8:47pm
Message I get is ' The specified location does not contain information about your hardware'.

ooseven1, Aug 4, 8:51pm
you might have to use the browse option to point to where the inf file is .sorry but i didnt look at the file extension properly in my last post .you should be looking for an inf file not a dll.

did the driver you downloaded contain a inf file!

jasongroves, Aug 4, 8:51pm
Tried that with no luck unfortunately:(

jasongroves, Aug 4, 8:53pm
Nope, none have contained an inf file.

drcspy, Aug 4, 8:57pm
controlpanel/add hardware/next/yes I have already connected/next/.scro-
ll to the bottom of the list then clik 'add new hardware' /next/.install hardware manually/next/ .scroll to printers and clik/ next/.choose 'use port usb virtual printer /next/ clik 'have disk' /browse/ find inf file.double clik it.

by the way when installing a usb printer DONT plug in the usb cable till it's installed or your'e otherwise instructed.

drcspy, Aug 4, 8:58pm
that OEMPRINT file is the inf file if it doesn't show up when you 'browse' set 'file type' as ALL.

drcspy, Aug 4, 9:00pm

ooseven1, Aug 4, 9:00pm
ok downloaded the driver from!product=8669

PCL Driver

is that the one you used!

ooseven1, Aug 4, 9:03pm
ps im on win7 so cant test an install of that link above for you :-(

jasongroves, Aug 4, 9:06pm
Will try all the above then post back shortly.
Thanks again for everyone's patience:)

jasongroves, Aug 4, 10:03pm
Thanks. Have tried a number of times now, but it doesn't give me the option to choose 'use port usb virtual printer'!
The only ports it shows are LPT, COM, FILE and XPSPort.
There is an option to create a new port, the options there are bluetooth, local port and standard tcp/ip port.

drcspy, Aug 4, 10:08pm
set it to lpt then after the install goto controlpanel/printers/.R-
IGHT clik the installed printer then clik properties then clik 'ports' tab (should be there otherwise cruise the tabs till you find the ports settings) and change to USB (assuming it IS a usb printer !)

jasongroves, Aug 4, 10:17pm
Just did as you suggested.
It has installed, I went to properties/ports and it only has the ports listed above (no USB).
The printer has 2 plugs on the back, a standard printer USB plug and a larger port above it.

drcspy, Aug 4, 10:17pm
have you got the printer plugged in !

drcspy, Aug 4, 10:22pm
and turned on !

drcspy, Aug 4, 10:22pm
if so reboot the comp

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