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sooby, Aug 4, 8:46am
howdy folks,

We're looking at upgrading to freeview and need someone in the know to give us some advice please.

Our house is currently hooked up to sky & has a dish already and we were recently given a new Dishtv UHF aerial T1020 HD which would be perfect, except it needs a UHF aerial connected, D'oh!The freeview unit was a flybuys point redemption and was recommended by the shop assistant that swore we were in a UHF aerial only reception area.Guess we should have researched this better *beforehand*.

this is the freeview unit:

According to the freeview website our location in Taupo is fine for both aerial & sattelite reception.

My question is which option would be better:

1/ I know the sky dish can be used for non-HD freeview,we'd just need to buy a non-dish specific freeview tuner.I had heard people that used the sky dish with a freeview unit did have issues with sound not in sync with the visuals tho.

2/ Buy a UHF aerial and run with the existing aerial-only HD tuner, is it worth the outlay for HD!

I know either option involves spending some money & I'm fine with that, I just need some info to better decide which path to take.

Also, we have a splitter on the existing analog aerial so we have two tv terminals in different parts of the house feeding of the one aerial - would a dish or UHF aerial be better considering this!

I've tried searching thru the freeview site for info, but nothing was useful for our particular situatuion.

Your advice is much appreciated :)


spyware, Aug 4, 8:55am
DVB-T H.264, aka Freeview HD, via UHF antenna is really the only suitable option for any modern TV as the satellite standard definition version is simply low bitrate and unfit for a modern TV. Satellite signal is so poor I wouldn't consider it at all but maybe for a CRT TV 25" or under. Satellite bandwidth is totally used with 4 copies of TV1 so that 4 advertising regions can be covered and image quality will not improve until a change from DVB-S (the digital modulation bit - QPSK) mpeg2 (the codec) to DVB-S2 (8PSK) H.264 on a new satellite in 10+ years time.

eurika, Aug 4, 9:11am
We had Satilite Freeview but have changed to Terestrial and have a Magic TV decoder. Best picture we have ever seen and that includes TV's set up in shops. The Magic TV decoder can record two channels at the same time and watch a third, just like MySky decoders. I would highly recommend you invest in an UHF aerial. By the way, Terestrial will give you HD, Satilite wont.
Hope this help with your decision

remmers, Aug 4, 9:39am
That is not quite correct. We have a mobile home with a satelite dish to a HDTV via a Topfield DVR, picture perfect, I think the DVR is doing some upscaling.

vtecintegra, Aug 4, 10:04am
Depends on your standards.

No amount of upscaling can save a crappy low bitrate stream

crab2, Aug 5, 3:30am
we have this on our freeview decoder, perfect picture, we have an external Hard Drive so we can record one channel and watch another as long as they are on the same transponder

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