Help Epson TX100 printer inks

happysmile4, Aug 6, 9:58pm
1. are refillable cartridges ok!
2. are compatible cartridges ok!
3. where is the best place to buy the inks/cartridges!
any constructive help appreciated.

hakatere1, Aug 6, 10:15pm
Yes, yes inkvenus

ceebee2, Aug 6, 11:03pm
Refillable and compatible cartridges are ok if you are not too fussed on "superb" photo printing as I have found with both that sometimes the photos are not colour perfect. Ok for everyday stuff.

pom-pom, Aug 7, 2:05am!main_page=index&cPath=3_193

The owner is a friend so yes this is blatent advertising for him but you can get your compatible ink here at a very reasonable price which includes FREE SHIPPING! But hey stick with T-M as he also trades via here as nzdisthe may be able to set up an auction for the ink combination you want. Hope this helps.

hakatere1, Aug 7, 10:15pm
Yes, yes inkvenus. He's a member. Search his listings or ask a question on one of his auctions.

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