Printer spool service!

greyway21, Aug 10, 3:38am
All of a sudden printer will not work. Says "no printer connected", "do you want to install a printer" then click "yes" and this message comes up "no printer spool service"
Any idea how to correct this please.

gyrogearloose, Aug 10, 3:39am
Reboot everything.

r.g.nixon, Aug 10, 5:36am
Run services.msc (in a cmd prompt). Set the spooler service to automatic/started. Or reboot.

greyway21, Aug 10, 8:25am
thank you for help, tried both and still no progress

greyway21, Aug 10, 11:09pm
It works! Did as you suggested a couple of timesr.g. and nothing changed. Then changed it manual.nothing, then changed it back. Virus dec came up with something, cleaned that, changed setting to automatic, then bingo, printer operating again.Thanks for your help.

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