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jadefox, Aug 10, 11:26pm
I have a brand new Acer phone from 2degrees. Have had it for 3 days and when I leave my local area (Silverdale)the phone coverage drops off to emergency calls only and I have to remove battery and re-boot the phone. Any ideas! Took phone to 2degrees shop today (Albany) and the guy was stumped, said to bring phone back and swap.annoying.

drcspy, Aug 10, 11:33pm
shouldn't have bought Acer they make crap computers and more than likely their phones are just as bad

jadefox, Aug 10, 11:36pm
Gosh, so helpful. Thanks.

adrian, Aug 10, 11:43pm
Try fixing the sim card into place with sellotape, i had to do that to my daughters phone.

drcspy, Aug 10, 11:45pm
not required to be 'helpful' so cut the sarcasm this is a Message Board NOT some kinda help desk

drcspy, Aug 10, 11:45pm
why dont' you just throw it out the window and get a new one on insurance (trying to be helpful)

little_egypt, Aug 10, 11:53pm
In my (limited) experience, "emergency calls only" means the SIM card isn't properly seated in it's socket . probably nothing to do with what area you're moving to/from and simply the fact that you're moving and the phone gets bumped. Check that it's properly installed and if it's got any movement you might need to bend the metal on the SIM socket to hold it more firmly, or apply a bit of tape so it stays in place.

jadefox, Aug 10, 11:58pm
Thanks little_egypt, great advice there. Will have fiddle with the sim card!

vtecintegra, Aug 11, 1:25am
If its not the sim coming unseated it could just as easily be network issues. Do you have another 2degrees compatible phone to test with!

neillo1, Aug 12, 6:19am
I see your name is five letters long & starts with "P" - rather appropriate.

gubay, Aug 12, 8:01am
and yours is six letters long & starts with 'W' - rather appropriate.

deus701, Aug 12, 8:32am
Happened to me before, I was in auck cbd. Emailed 2degrees with the time it happen, they said nothing wrong with their network that time. I lost coverage for nearly 75mins. In the end went back to vodafone.

thepuppydad, Aug 12, 12:59pm
Woah. . Some people ackt like they own the m.b. and be a troll. Sad life huh. . . . . . P.s. I sometimes get the same thing on 2d when i go outside the 2d coverage.I usually just go to "network operators" in the settings and select "2degrees 3g" and it comes right. :-)

ngubb, Aug 12, 9:50pm
Stop being a cock.

chazboner, Aug 20, 11:46am
Hi I had the same problems in Napier 2degrees tech suport was next to hopeless turns out the phone was only looking 4 3g networks only. Napier 2degrees was very sparce, phone switched off looking 4 3g network and the only way to fix was battery removale fix was switch to standard network
pissed me off so much gone back to telecom HTC Sensation WOW what a phone!

swivel, Aug 20, 10:30pm
How did you get that out of "drcspy".

I'd say you might have another name starting with P - as in Plonker

cake4, Aug 20, 10:39pm
omg I LOATHE my ACER phone.I bought one from the warehouse stationery shop and it has been as buggy as all hell.Problems just as you described.I unfortunately gave Miss 12 my Sony phone which even though haveing less 'features' is a far superior phone.Go get your money back :)A friend also bopught an Acer smartphone and has found it to be a piece of crap too.

cake4, Aug 20, 10:40pm
excuse typos, lol.

mlh19658, Aug 20, 10:55pm
They're about, eh Doc!

neillo1, Sep 1, 5:48am
Under his profile his name is "Perry".Any other 5 letter words starting with "P" spring to mind!

ngubb, Sep 1, 11:28am
Your name is Neil, I know a 4 letter word that starts with C and rhymes with Punt, quite fitting really. Suits you down to a tee.

mone, Sep 2, 1:21am
2 Degrees are good, but they are killing it by bringing in all these cheap brand handsets.My mates ideos or whatever that cheap touch screen phone is, it died a few days after purchase.

marlbra, Sep 2, 11:54pm
precisely, he was just pointing out your misconception that it was a carrier problem, the fault is with your phone, not your carrier

gracie3, Sep 3, 12:35am
My 2 degrees phone is buggy too.

guest, Oct 13, 5:31pm
Samsung S3 mini at 2 degrees, same problem. Also almost every time I left my area, phone would lose network despite automatic network selection, and I would have to do it manually because no 2 degrees cover south west of Pukekohe where I live and would have to switch to Vodafone network. Often found the Emergency calls only happened on a weekend though.....gotta ask why.

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