Anyone interested in social media for business!

orchidwebdesign, Aug 15, 1:13am
I couldn't find a business category on TradeMe so I hope you don't mind me letting you know about it in computing since it is computer and online related anyway. Just wanted to give you a heads up that Spreets has a deal running on tickets to a half day seminar on social media for business results, tickets were $49 each now $19 for 2 tickets today only. If you're keen here's the details:

jcmp21, Aug 15, 1:14am
hmm this thread should go well lol

orchidwebdesign, Aug 15, 2:10am
I might put a suggestion in to TradeMe to start a forum category called Business. Sorry if I've disturbed the usual chatter in the computing forum.

zak410, Aug 15, 5:11am
any relation!

drsr, Aug 15, 7:10am
Shouldn't a self-styled "social media guru" know the rules of online forums that they're posting on! Rules like "No commercial use or self-promotion"!

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