pp11, Aug 15, 7:44am
Does anyone have any recommendations for a quiet printer /scanner! I'm looking at spending $50 - $150.

Much appreciated.

vtecintegra, Aug 15, 9:10am
None of them are very quiet, especially not the all in ones.

r.g.nixon, Aug 15, 9:15am
Make a printer hood from polystyrene slabs!

johnf_456, Aug 15, 10:50am
build a sound proof box lol

brucie44, Aug 15, 11:37am
Daisy wheel
LOLsounds like a machine gun

johnf_456, Aug 15, 11:38am

morrisman1, Aug 15, 11:46am
most new inkjets are quietish, lasers tend to have noisy fans in them

drcspy, Aug 15, 7:20pm
father'n'law has an epson 1100 (think that's the model) it's NOISY.I have a Brother dcp-165c and it's quiet.

pp11, Aug 15, 11:42pm
Thanks everyone. Polystyrene sound proof box it is!

The staff I have asked in some shops have no idea.

r.g.nixon, Aug 16, 1:14am

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