Continuous ink systems for printer

nzldave, Aug 16, 10:24am
Does anyone know if they are any good !

r.g.nixon, Aug 16, 10:31am
You mean apart from being fiddly, messy and possibly destroying your printer! Yep, fine otherwise.

robinm1, Aug 16, 10:48am
epic fail, they are useless.

vvlkid, Aug 16, 11:08am
Hmm I dont think they are totally useless - well they are if you only print like once a month but if you print regulary they can be good, Ive had mine for just over a year now and am now due to fill up the black for the first time - Ive done nearly 1500 pages.

If you use them you have to be carefull with them, Ive seen some leak out from the printer only to find that they dont have it on the same level as the printer so it syphones itself and leaks ink everywhere.

The other thing is make sure to get ink that is compatible/approved for your printer - don't get the bottles that are sold off here otherwise you will get blocked nozzels (which can be cleaned out) or will void any warranty if anything goes wrong.

And you also have to use your printer regulary otherwise here is a chance the ink will dry in the tubes.

johnf_456, Aug 16, 11:41am
Inkjets are quiet but remember to factor in the running costs

brucie44, Aug 19, 12:56am
the bulk bottles with little hoses.Were on FairGolast year.
Uselessleaked,no end of problems.

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