cmx4eva, Aug 18, 8:16am
Hello,tech support-ive got a pc to stereo adapting cable which ive connected according to the directions from a site but dont seem to have any sound at the speakers-there is a signal from the amp to the speaker so its obviously not getting from the pc to the stereo amp-connecting cable is new and i have it plugged into the hard drive where the previous speakers were working prior and ive swithed the amp to aux and played with the balance and volume but still its a no go-any idea!

mone, Aug 18, 8:19am
That's the longest sentence in a decade. Give me an hour to decipher that and get back to you.

iluvmuse, Aug 18, 8:26am
have you got your pc volume on full and your stereo volume up really high! the signal can be quite weak

gibler, Aug 18, 8:30am
Dear Computing message board,

I have a 3.5 mm stereo to RCA cable (OK I'm guessing what the OP has), which I have connected according to directions from (some random) website. However, I don't have any sound coming from the speakers even though there is a signal from the (stereo) amplifier to the speakers.

I have this cable (or adapter) plugged into the audio jack of the PC, the same way the previous (computer !) speakers were set up. I've switched the amplifier to aux, played with the balance and volume settings but there is still no sound.

Any ideas most esteemed technical-type people!

cmx4eva, Aug 18, 8:30am
yip-along with the balance turned in both directions to make sure its not the amp at fault

iluvmuse, Aug 18, 8:35am
unplug from the pc and put it into the headphone jack on a rdaio or mp3 to check you get can get some sound on the stereo

cmx4eva, Aug 18, 8:37am
well,i have the rca cbles in the aux ports so the 3.5 pin that fits into the pc is in the speaker out(green)port-as per site instructions,and where they were working prior with smaller speakers.whole purpose for me is id like to play my favourites from you tube via the stereoso i can listen via higher volume

cmx4eva, Aug 18, 8:40am
6-tried that and still nothing-im pretty sure ive got things connected correctly.stere-
o amp only needs to get the anolog signal from the pc then it should be all go,but it aint so therein lies the problemo where solution is req

lostdude, Aug 18, 10:36am
You sure you got the RCA connected to the AUX port on the stereo!

cmx4eva, Aug 18, 11:42am
yabba dabba doo!

owene, Aug 18, 12:12pm
When did you last put new batteries in the PC!

kiwiboy111, Aug 18, 1:11pm
id like to know how you have done that considering hard drives dont have speaker ports :)

drcspy, Aug 18, 4:02pm
the comp will have a blue and green port for sound out try both

valentino, Aug 18, 9:32pm
Have you checked your sound control panel in "Control Panel" on your computer.
Sometimes this may need to be looked at, test the speakers or whatever, even get it to recognise other speakers - system. hmmm just thinking elsewhere.


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