3G or 6G

j.k, Jun 10, 7:21am
3G or 6G I'm just checking out the Telecom Broadband deals, we really only use the internet for sufing and sending & reciving the odd e-mail with photos. & down loading the odd song. would 3G be enough or would it be safer 2 go with 6G ?

mrtoken, Jun 10, 7:24am
I always say go for more to start with and then change later on, best to be safe as you will use it more in the first few months, if you only use 2gigs in 3 months time then downgrade, but if you use 5 gigs then your covered.

vtecintegra, Jun 10, 7:30am
You should be fine with 3GB. My flat rarely goes over the 10GB allowance and I download a fair amount with Steam.

swivel, Jun 10, 7:46am
Go with the 3 gig. If you find your dropping to Dialup speed then go upto the 6gig plan

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