HP printer cartridge expired ! WTF

julmar, Aug 19, 1:03am
Since when do printer cartridges expire! Our printer is over a year old, have very little use and single colour ink packs. Today when I turned it on I get a long message telling me the cartridge has expired and if I continue to use it my warrenty will be voided!
These blary things are about $70-80 per piece to replace. Surely not going to buy another one when it isn't empty just to keep my warrenty safe. Shocking ! Rant over

vtecintegra, Aug 19, 1:08am
Probably only has a one year warranty anyway.

Just ignore the message.

r.g.nixon, Aug 19, 1:12am
Print at least one page per month or the ink may dry up and cause problems.

julmar, Aug 19, 1:16am
inks fine, we do occasionally print something. Nothing wrong with the cartridge and each one is more than half full. I just think it is rank to have them expire and you have to go through hoops presing buttons just to print a page. Always purchased HP printers and paid a premium for refills. But I will be thinking twice next time.

drcspy, Aug 19, 1:58am
you must be nutty to be paying that sort of money for replacement cartridges.get compatible or learn to fill your own it's FAR FAR cheaper.you can buy a new printer WITH ink for that price !

761, Aug 19, 5:26am
there is a firm that you will find if you google it .it is inkvenus and they are in auckland i have an hp that cantridges are $48 i ordered on line and it was 20.50 incl postageit is a genuine h p made in singapore

761, Aug 19, 5:38am
i stand corrected i just checked there site a genuine is 72.99 a recycled is now 28.99 inc gst my neighbour operates a computer business and has 7 computers he told me that is where he gets his ink from and has done for many years and has never had a problem

ngubb, Aug 19, 7:24am
They've always had an expiry date on them. Perhaps you could read the packaging next time.

thewomble1, Aug 19, 3:26pm
Brother cartridges also have expire date and I believe they won't print past that date. I stand to be corrected.

drcspy, Aug 19, 6:14pm
dunno about that I'm still using the original carts which came with my brother dcp165c printer.which I bought about three years ago.I do refill them myself at extremely minimal cost.

julmar, Aug 19, 9:16pm
They were not expired when purchased and I don't appreciate my printer refusing to cover it's warrenty if I happen to use less ink than someone else.If the cartridge is at least half full, working fine etc. I should not have to go through hoops just to print a page . You have to read through a scrawling message that scans across the display then press a button accepting you will void the warrenty if you continue.

skin1235, Aug 19, 10:08pm
BTW, this is an office sized version of their printer, not just a little home printer,

so a commercial printer, get hold of the agents that would normally have a maintenance contract on it, find out how to reset the software counter so it never happens again

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