Adobe flash player

am trying to update it & get the message shut down internet explorer & something called "brccmctl " shut down the first one but what is the second one! wont load the update until ti is closed down--- running XP all updated etc

geek_lec, Aug 21, 12:17 am

sorry thanks guys your help would be appreciated

geek_lec, Aug 21, 12:18 am

" brccmctl "are you sure !

anyway download the standalone file for flash player and install it at your leisure.

geek_drcspy, Aug 21, 7:39 am

ok will try that-- yes am sure thats what it says , I know it doesnt sound right been scratching my head a bit about itbut wont go amny further until it is closed down. will try your suggestionthank you

geek_lec, Aug 21, 8:52 am

geek_chnman, Aug 21, 9:05 am

yep figured it was a brother control center thing.

geek_drcspy, Aug 21, 9:13 am

that would make sense have Brother printer thanks

geek_lec, Aug 21, 7:03 pm

did just the same thing to me the other day too, strange one

geek_suzy59nz, Aug 21, 7:12 pm