Little_egypt, linux advice pls.

mr_lovebug, Aug 21, 11:18pm
Rang a linux programer & was told to use google.

I have a older 400mhzpc, that I want to setup on linux,has 190megs ram (128+64=!) and I want to play with linux,what version do you think!

Can it run MKV and avi movies!Does it support VLC or have anything as good!

Yes I googled netbook linux not come back with any sysem specs & left it there.

charles.j, Aug 21, 11:30pm
I may not be little_egypt, but here is my 2 cents.

Try xubuntu, it's light but still a decent OS. Your Cpu may struggle with high quality videos though. It will support VLC as it's widely available for linux flavours (Although it should be in the package manager)

little_egypt, Aug 21, 11:30pm
That machine is going to suck for anything but basic web browsing / email and WP. Put puppy on it and you can learn a bit about the structure of Linux. Don't expect it to play videos very well, but yes you can get VLC for puppy or any other linux distro.

I'd suggest finding a slightly more recent PC, nothing under 1.2GHz and 512M ram if you want something tolerably fast, and put Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on it. otherwise you're just going to have a poor first impression of linux.

little_egypt, Aug 21, 11:33pm
comments to charles.j : Hadn't thought of xubuntu . I guess that would work (just) on that machine too.

With a package-based distro you should never install anything by any other method than through package management. Otherwise you'll end up with a confused package manager and things will be forever breaking.

charles.j, Aug 21, 11:37pm
Ah, I didn't think about the confusion

However, Puppy would be better as you said. Good post :)

mr_lovebug, Aug 21, 11:44pm
okay,cool.thanks for that info.

Will start to look into & play with linux now (next few days).
Was hoping that the box might be a small light weight media box.

Will have it as a basic internet pc for my little girl all the same.

lostdude, Aug 22, 12:35am
As said, your system won't be able to play the latest video codecs as they require hardware decoding for smooth playback, which means a graphics card that's capable. Without one the system will default back onto the CPU but in your case, it won't be able to cope. There's a slim chance that you could use a PCI graphics card but then again, the MB may not even be able to recognise it because of age. All of this is of course if you're talking about a PC and not a laptop.

otako, Aug 22, 1:58am
I agree, Puppy is a supurb distro and great to try out. Just be aware that many independent pc retails sell ex lease 2.4 Compaq Deskpro boxes for around $100 with a 3 month gaurantee which is a bargain.

Whatever you decide on I'd recommend you have a decent lLCD widescreen monitor as that is what makes web browsing, dvd playing and word processing visually enjoyable. CRT's are really past it now.

Good luck.

zak410, Aug 22, 5:48am
look at this nice puppy:

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