Acer laptop vs HP laptop

quena, Aug 22, 8:47pm
Hi all, i am looking for advise, we recently brought an acer laptop, it was ok for about 1 day then started to freeze up (it has now gone back to the shop and a refund given) anyway can anyone tell me if HP are any better, we are looking at 1 with 4GB harddrive.

shinedog, Aug 22, 8:57pm
Would stay away from HP. Toshiba or Asus are good and worth a look at. By " 4GB hard drive" you will mean ram,hard drives are 320Gb's and up.

drcspy, Aug 22, 8:57pm
4GB hard drive !
you sure of that !

quena, Aug 22, 9:15pm
Sorry i mean,t 4 GB RAM and about 500 GB, whats wrong with HP !

hakatere1, Aug 22, 9:55pm
I have 3 hp/compaq v6000 under the bed in the spare room. All pakaru with burnt video cards. Believe shinedog, toshiba or asus.

wombatunder, Aug 22, 10:05pm
In any case, HP/Compaq are about to become a defunct brand, which about what they deserve. Toshiba, Asus, Lenovo and do your homework on Google with specific model reviews on any deal you go after.

suicidemonkey, Aug 22, 10:06pm
You picked the two most unreliable brands to compare :P

As above, stick with Asus or Toshiba.

HP has announced that they will no longer be making computers.

drcspy, Aug 22, 10:36pm
+1for asus or toshiba !

princelee, Aug 22, 10:47pm
definitley toshiba or asus is the only way to go.

lythande1, Aug 23, 12:20am
Toshiba or ASUS.

73040, Aug 23, 12:24am
We have 2 HP pavilions in our household and they are both going good for last 2.5 years.
Whereas the Compaq one got something wrong with it and won't charge so thats under the bed now.

gibler, Aug 23, 12:36am
+1 yeehas!The only HP Laptop I've seen at work needed a new mobo. So 100% failure, sample size=1!

73040, Aug 23, 12:44am
Ok you guys are scaring me I bought a second hand HP i5machine and it has 2 months warranty left, do you think it is possible to buy extended warranty on it!

vtecintegra, Aug 23, 12:50am
Nah they're fine.

I've had more issues with Asus and Toshiba gear at the low end

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