Any free vpn / seedbox services !

leensheen, Aug 23, 12:37am
That could be used for downloading movies!

cybertao, Aug 23, 12:39am

johnf_456, Aug 23, 1:19am
Pay for one

stevel_knievel, Aug 23, 1:44am
Movie or seedbox!

swivel, Aug 23, 1:54am
The ISP should have a list, Just give them a ring. Alot around

leensheen, Aug 23, 2:22am
lol joking aside free vpn servers do exist

'Its hidden' doesn't seem to be active any more. Was just wondering if anyone knew of any free ones that are usable, i would be fine with a limit of 5gb per month or the speed capped at 256kb down, even if it was an add based thing

brucie44, Aug 23, 2:43am
performance would be a factor.
no $$$= no performance.

aragorn2003, Aug 27, 7:14am
i use the free version of proxpn and its sloooow . am looking for a good paid one at the mo , so many out there

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