Stay with Osx Snow Leopard or move to Osx Lion!

stardesta, Aug 23, 8:21pm
What say you mac people!

charles.j, Aug 23, 8:47pm
I'm not a mac user. However I have heard of people having trouble with a few things on Lion. Nas drives being one.

Jump around on the internet and make sure you aren't going to be affected with the upgrade(as you should do with any OS)

gibler, Aug 23, 8:58pm
if you like broken things . then lion is for you.

morrisman1, Aug 23, 9:51pm
Im sticking with Snow Leopard for the mean time, Everything is set up and because its hackintosh Id need to do a clean install which I cant be bothered doing currently. I put it on the laptop but being a 2007 model macbook it doesn't have multi touch which restricts the benefits of Lion a bit.

lustee32, Aug 24, 12:20am
well i changed and love the changes and have had no problems

vtecintegra, Aug 24, 12:28am
From what I've seen the upgrade seems to be fairly hit or miss.

Some people get terrible performance and need to do a fresh install, but most are okay with just the upgrade.

If you only have 2GB of memory you might want to bump that to 4 (if its one you can easily do so with), Lion is a bit hungrier than previous versions.

remmers, Aug 24, 1:20am
I have 3 year old MacBook, added 2 GB and everything is great. Well worth it if you have touch pad as gestures have been expanded. Got iTunes gift card on special so Lion was very cheap.

btoogood, Aug 24, 5:45am
a few people that i know of upgraded and not had any problems, well reall problems as they have removed Rosetta from Lion you wont be able to run any powerpc applications apart from that it is really good.

suicidemonkey, Aug 24, 5:46am
I upgraded my MBP. no problems but tbh I haven't noticed a single improvement. although there are a few things that have changed that I wish I could change back.

-mung-, Aug 24, 9:49am
Aside from the natural curiosity and wanting test drive the new shiny. For now I'd give myself-2-months-back the advice to just stick with SL. Though I had peculiar circumstances that sort of forced me to upgrade anyway.
Snow Leopard is good and feels solid.

arcticus, Aug 24, 10:56pm
I haven't upgraded, unless I'm compelled to I won't.

I'm still not happy with Snow Leopard.

remmers, Aug 25, 12:23am
Might pay to quit the Mac and go MS.

malachiman, Aug 25, 12:53am
I upgraded, day one. Old 2007 macbook pro - works well, a couple of bugs as expected, but nothing that effects my workflow.

Few things to change with mindsets regarding versions, mission control (I used spaces all the time, so its a little different now) etc.

Lion is a worthy upgrade IMO. with exception to using PPC software, because it won??

lifesteala, Aug 25, 1:05am
My brother inlaw upgraded, saw the Lion! Absolutely amazing! He had no troubles at all. Works like a dream.

tony9, Aug 25, 1:35am
I upgraded, no problem at all.

stardesta, Aug 25, 2:06am
I have a lot of adobe products, final cut studio and other software that I don't think I'm gona take a risk on.I'm happy with Snow Leopard for now, so will upgrade at a later dates. cheers

missyone, Aug 25, 6:39am
What Adobe products. CS3 and up will work. AFAIK flash player still doesn't use hardware acceleration.

For other software go to the Apple ??? logo, about this mac, then more info then select applications down the left hand side. The Applications will then say if they are Universal, PowerPC or Intel.

Certainly worthwhile if you have a unibody Macbook/Macbook Pro or the Trackpad.

I have it on my 2007 MacBook Pro and I think it is great.

Also the Warehouse have 2 $20 iTunes cards for $30, these also work for the Mac App store so you could get Lion even cheaper.

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