Thunderbird not downloading all emails

bouncingzombies, Aug 27, 9:23am
So I've got Tbird configured so that it downloads all new email from my Gmail account onto my Macbook. It was downloading all new mail until about 2 days ago, when it started only downloading 7 or 8 new emails at a time. In order to download another few emails I need to click send/receive again.

This wouldn't be a problem if I only receive 7 or 8 emails in a day, but since I receive (literally) hundreds every day it's a big time waster. I've googled the problem but can't find anything, and I can't seem to find the relevant setting in Tbird. Any ideas!

drsr, Aug 28, 11:13am
Google makes POP3 messages available in batches if there's a lot of them, and there can be odd interactions if you also have "leave email on server" checked in Thunderbird. Check!answer=13291

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