Printer probs

nick135, Aug 28, 9:20am
I often get a message advising me that the computer is having trouble communicating with the printer, and after checking cables, power, rebooting etc, it might be a fireall setting blcking the printer.

Can anyone advise me how to check the firewall settings for the printer.


nick135, Aug 28, 9:25am
I see a message when I update the driver that it might have something to do with the printer failing the Windows logo compatability test.Anyone have this propblems, or know IF it is a problem, how I get around it!The printer is just a cheap dell job, but okay for printing the odd kids homework essay etc

drsr, Aug 28, 12:53pm
How is it connected to your PC: USB cable, network, or Wifi! If it's a USB cable then it's not a firewall problem. The compatibility warning about the printer driver is not a problem.

nick135, Aug 29, 3:41am
Cheers for that.Yup, is a USB. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, but its really giving me a headache about now!

peter148, Aug 29, 3:44am
Check the printer website for a patch or other information

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