All-in-one Desktop Advice

pinkrose, Aug 29, 12:22am
We're thinking about buying an all-on-one desktop to replace our aging desktop. We already have a good laptop so don't need another one and would like full screen and keyboard. Does anyone have suggestions regarding possible pitfalls with these! What to watch out for!

vtecintegra, Aug 29, 12:25am
Personally the Apple iMac is the only all-in-one computer I'd consider. Even the most basic model is a very, very fast and nicely built machine.

shyslop, Aug 29, 12:35am
+1 vtecintegra, imac would be my only choice, either that or a mac mini with a lcd monitor

solster, Aug 29, 12:42am
All in one would never be on my shopping list.harder to upgrade and if any component fails, its harder to replace!
Id be too nervous of the motherboard of LCD panel failing and that your pc gone!

morrisman1, Aug 29, 12:49am
that makes three of us. The only decent all-in-one I have seen is the iMac. They are beaut machines and reasonably priced if you consider their form factor. They are very quiet, run cool and look great. Only require one cable if you have wireless in your house and take up very little room.

I would certainly consider one for my next desktop because having a conventional desktop is a pain in the arse.

Be careful when shopping around not to fall into the common trap of making direct price/spec comparisons with beige boxes, i.e. the traditional desktop computer, and I say this because the beige box will almost always come out on top. Think about the value of the iMac form factor and what it is worth to you and factor that in to your comparisons. There is no doubt that producing a computer such as the iMac costs more than the same components in a light sheetmetal box.

Most people dont realise that the screens in the iMac is a fantastic unit using IPS technology which means blacker blacks, more accurate colours and far superior viewing angles, especially in the vertical plane with dark scenes on screen and this is very apparent when watching a movie with a darker scene: on a Twisted Nematic panel which is what most PCs seem to be using when you move your head up and down in relation to the screen the colour of the black will change drastically. On an IPS panel this doesn't happen

Dont go for one of those gimmicky touch screen ones, complete waste of money as far as I am concerned.

r.g.nixon, Aug 29, 1:04am
18.4" is near desktop monitor size, so consider a large laptop such as

pinkrose, Aug 29, 5:25am
Thanks folks.useful comments. Anyone else!

gibler, Aug 29, 6:41am
yeah the iMac is the only one. some people who get iMacs at work ask "so where is 'the box' "!

lythande1, Aug 29, 7:31am
I'd agree with the Imac comments except I wouldn't buy one at all.
Like laptops, when it's dead or obsolete that's it. Standard custom desktops are never dead or obsolete because you can just continue to replace bits of it as you go along. Much cheaper too.

groovebox, Aug 29, 9:49am
Had a HP all-in-one pass thru 3 weeks ago - nice - but worlds apart from iMac. Overall tho a nice PC - bit noisy and not as streamlined in build quality when compare with iMac.

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