Wanting to printing something

minnie23, Aug 29, 4:38am
but it won't do anything when I press Ctrl P.Is there anyway I can print what is on my screen.Thanks

r.g.nixon, Aug 29, 5:40am
What is on the screen! Some things won't print that way.

minnie23, Aug 29, 10:23pm
It is a educational programme for a diploma i am doing.The last module i could just press Ctrl p and it would print but this module wont do that.

gyrogearloose, Aug 29, 10:29pm
Check with the Helpdesk.

lostdude, Aug 30, 12:40am
Well for starters, Ctrl + P is just the shortcut to send whatever you're looking at to the printer. & the only way that works is if the program or application you're using supports printing. Either go to File > Print or view the document (or whatever it is you're looking at) in some other program that supports printing.

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