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raymondkeith, Aug 30, 12:01am
Is anybody having trouble with adobe flash plugin crashing ours has done it 2 days in a row when I start the computer graphics look wrong. both times after turning off & totally unpluging the computer was okay til next morning.
Cheers Joy ( computer novice :0) )

lostdude, Aug 30, 12:50am
Hi Joy,

Firstly, try uninstalling flash completely, update your video drivers, then reinstall the latest flash player for the browser you use.

If flash still crashes after that,

- go to
- right-cick on the Flash object, then select Settings.
- on the Display panel, uncheck 'Enable hardware acceleration'

raymondkeith, Aug 30, 1:02am
Thank you for that I will try it tomorrow morning if hit happens again Fingers x

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