Cellphone and $70 5GB deal with Orcon! Advice

zuggle, Aug 30, 4:08am
Who has broadband with Orcon and do you have a good thing going with them re cellphone! Yes, I've emailed them (they are already our PC server, whom we are very happy with) but getting "standard" replies which do not answer my specific questions. You see I'm not a gal that gabs on the phone much, but do text and had this deal going with Telecom of $10 texting per month because our landline is with them. Who has some sort of comparative deal going with Orcon at $70 month (the same as our phone bill, which is nearly all rental cost) with cellphone included or not much more, please! And can two of us (separate PCs in different rooms, but same acct), stay on one account with broadband!
Thanks so much for your time in helping a couple of PC-unsavvy old fossils!

r.g.nixon, Aug 30, 7:56am
Orcon has nothing to do with cellphones. Stick with Telecom or 2degrees for that.
Broadband to one house can have at least 250 computers using it at once.

zuggle, Aug 30, 8:24am
Ok. Thanks for that r.g.n. Will do!

carkitter, Aug 30, 9:00am
Really! I think Orcon might disagree with you on that. They are a Vodafone supplied MVNO after all.

r.g.nixon, Aug 30, 9:09am
Ah, I see.

carkitter, Aug 30, 9:30am
I'd probably stay with what you have now. If you want a new cellphone just go and buy one outright. As far as two PCs in the same house sharing a one broadband account, just connect the 2nd PC via a wifi router. If you don't have one, talk to Telecom about getting one. This may also need a usb wifi adapter if the PC is not wifi enabled already.

zuggle, Aug 31, 2:56am
Thanks Carkitter, but I don't want to stay with what we have now . dial up!
Have been all around the mulberry bush today, studied every damn broadband deal available incudling ruralkiwi.com in Hawke's Bay (we are not rural but that apparently doesn't matter), and 2 hours with a Telecom foreign accent has nearly done my head in!
The underlying problem comes down to this - I do not make calls on my cellphone, but I text about 5 times a day. All the "cheaper" deals like Orcon Genius charge 20c a text - that's $30 a month on TOP of the $70!

So in the end it looks like Telecom may win with offering $78 for broadband, landline, 2GB, cheaper call rates and a cellphone texting rate of $12 for 2,500 - as if! - texts per month. Free modem, free connection. Total $90.

We are both over 60, fulltime artists with irregular income so can only commit to a basic kit. And yes, 2GB is enough for us.

Does anyone think I can get a better deal with the specifics I need re the cellphone! Thanks so much everyone.

damon3, Aug 31, 5:48am
What about Vodafone! they provide cheaper internet connections if you have an on account cell phone, and I think they recently gave all on account plans 2500 texts as standard to compete with 2degrees.

lythande1, Aug 31, 7:59am
Your PC server!! A server is a dedicated PC that holds files (for instance) that the client PCs networked retrieve and save to.

zuggle, Aug 31, 9:24am
No need to be smart. I did describe us as "a couple of PC-unsavvy old fossils!"BUT I bet I can do some things that you can't. it's just different courses for different horses.

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