Why do people fall for those stupid telephone scam

lord_dweedle, Aug 31, 6:37am
like the virus one. who falls for that!

cessna3, Aug 31, 7:02am
Some people who don't see the news so often, usually the ones who would have a virus anyway from not keeping up to date antivirus etc still using windows 95.

gibler, Aug 31, 7:03am
they fall for it because they have the patience to listen to people torturing the english language.

kevin16, Aug 31, 7:05am
the same people who believe politicians.
so that would make over half the population.

rdeejay, Aug 31, 7:10am
stupid people fall for stupid scams!

lord_dweedle, Aug 31, 7:11am
we need to de-breed the stupid gene in this nation badly.

kevin16, Aug 31, 7:17am
meanwhile, the govt is gutting education and lowering educational standards,.
'they' -want- a population of 'dumb drones' and are succeeding nicely,.

archereon, Aug 31, 8:50am
You know, I almost want them to call me, see how long it takes for them to hang up or break out of character

delwyn_sable, Aug 31, 6:38pm
Pass me your phone number, I pass it along to them. They ring me a couple of times a week!I just see how long I can keep them on the phone for, usually I get bored before they do.

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