Fixing ac power adapter

zak410, Sep 3, 1:36am
How can I open this power adapter! Any risks doing it!
Anyone here with experience about how to fix this; the cable at the entry point is stripped, the unit still works but I would like to repair it before it breaks. Any hint appreciated.

jancemord, Sep 3, 1:37am
Replace it

hakatere1, Sep 3, 2:02am
I'd be looking at super gluing the little ribbed bit to main body of the power unit. Or even some sort of Aralditeproduct. Best to buy a new one though.

twaymouth, Sep 3, 2:44am
Most adapters are glued / plastic welded together and are quite difficult to open without destroying them or yourself, I would do as suggested above or buy a new one.

zak410, Sep 3, 2:53am
Thanks for your replies, I followed hakatere1 idea and was able topush back the wire in the unit, glued the flange with UHU glue, all OK for now, cheers.

chito, Sep 3, 4:38am
I bang around the join with the handle of a screw driver until I can separate the two halves.

haybales, Sep 3, 5:37am
if you heat gunned where the two halves of the plastic meet, you could probably soften the glue holding them together to access the wires properly and shorten where the break is.

russellw, Sep 3, 7:24am
Sony check for screws under label.

mrfxit, Sep 3, 8:41pm
Yep possibly screws under any labels
Possibly clipped internaly
Most likely glued.

Theres several ways to get them apart & all require a very steady hand.
Theres also a very good chance that the transformer is sitting against the case making it a very delicate job getting them apart without clipping the coil inside.
Can be done but can be risky for internal damage
It's a kill or cure job

mrfxit, Sep 3, 8:44pm
As a temp measure, providing the wires are ok, is to carefully strip away a little bit more outer covering to allow a bit more flex & fold the cable over the body of the box & TAPE the cable securely in place

mantagsi, Sep 4, 9:24am
Usually works a charm, and if you are feeling adventurous you can remove the scungy cable end, fit a new stress relief boot and solder the wires back on, nice and tidy. Then next time kids/dog/whoever boots the cable and damages it, stick some live wires into them and see how they like it :D

age90210, Sep 11, 9:14am
don't risk it my opinion. get another one
check voltage and amp and go to

owene, Sep 11, 11:50am
So who pays the bill for the house that burns down when this incompetant repair sets a fire up! Somehow I doubt your insurance company would-they'd wriggle out of a claim as the repair would be deemed to be unsafe.
Replace it.

johnf_456, Sep 11, 6:27pm
New ones are cheap just replace it

drcspy, Sep 11, 6:46pm
for sure - unless you're a registered sparky

zak410, Sep 11, 7:18pm
No need to dramatise though!
it is still working, no smoke yet.
When this lap top is plugged-in, someone is always near it.
But yes thanks for the concern, I will get a new power adapter.sometime.

hakatere1, Sep 11, 9:26pm
I reckon: Over-dramatic statement alright. Verging on abnormal lol. Common sense tells you you get a new one and the repair is only temporary and what you don't do is try and dump it onto some unsuspecting bugger on here like some unscrupulous pricks have done.

owene, Sep 11, 9:33pm
Mate when you've seen what I have after bodged 'temporary' repairs by amateurs, you'd be laying the advice on thick as well. Biff it immediately and spend the $15 on a new one. Your call !

pcmaster, Sep 12, 12:44am
hmm seems like olack has an apprentice!

zak410, Sep 12, 5:34am
Sounds interesting, please share.
If my house burn down because of this power adapter and if I am lucky enough to survive it, I promise I will let you know on this board.
I like to judge risks.

puddleduck00, Sep 12, 5:46am
I've fixed plenty of AC adaptors, but it was only ever a temporary measure. The hard part is getitng into them without causing any damage, the rest is easy. I would never do it for anyone else other than myself and I always use an RCD.

zak410, Sep 12, 5:53am
I only pushed back the cable in carefully (see photo) glued the cable's flange to the unit, no more movement, not shorting, charging, looks safe to me, but thanks everyone for your advice. also thanks age90210 for the link, I will get one from day lol.

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