Advice needed re: need a new laptop computer.

stealthbida, Sep 4, 6:54am
Hi all, I am thinking of getting a new laptop computer, I have a budget up to $850. I have an Acer Aspire at the moment and it is nearly 7 years old and touch wood (taps the coffee table) I have no problems with it. Feel as though I need to upgrade and would like to stick with Acer,. any recommendations would be appreciated. (Are Asus any good!) TIA.LT gets used everyday.

r.g.nixon, Sep 4, 7:21am
Asus, Toshiba, Dell, Sony, Lenovo are OK.
Acer, HP, Compaq - no way (expect 3 yrs max life).

lykaestria, Sep 4, 7:22am
Asus & Toshiba are the two most reliable brands. Acer is one of the less reliable brands.

stealthbida, Sep 4, 7:35am
Acer is that unreliable! I have had no problems with my Acer, it has served me well.

oclaf, Sep 4, 7:42am
There are of course exceptions to every rule. But overall Acer carry a pretty poor reputation for reliability. You could buy an Asus and also get a dud, its just less likely to crap out than the Acer.
Go do some Googleing. Acer always rates near the bottom. Forget what you know and go for an Asus or Toshiba. (Or a VAIO)

mantagsi, Sep 4, 9:09am
I've been a cheapskate lately and have had an incredibly good run out of buying flagship model IBM thinkpads cheap as chips 2nd hand, well, two so far these last couple of years but it has allowed me to get fantastic build quality and hardware that is still quite powerful for bugger all capital outlay. Up to you though, it is all too easy to buy a lemon!

stealthbida, Sep 4, 9:16am
Yeah it would be easy to buy a lemon,I am on 'the horns of dilemma' about what to get.

mantagsi, Sep 4, 9:20am
Good luck anyhow :) but do ask yourself, do you really need to upgrade! I remember when I was a bit younger I spent every penny getting the latest gear for my computers then it finally hit me one day - if it still does what I want, it isnt obsolete! Granted, I'll upgrade occasionally to keep on top of things but I still get a lot of use out of my ancient Palm V PDA for example.

headchef1, Sep 4, 9:21am
I would 'avoid' HP and DELL.I work for a company that deliver parts to them.They constantly break down and need new parts.Not a good sign for 'so-called'.good computers.

stealthbida, Sep 4, 9:48am
Yes I think I do, my laptop is nearly 7 (which I hear is 'getting on' for a laptop), OS (xp) is going to to be obsolete (so I have heard), it is sort of starting to get a bit slow, I can't upgrade the RAM and what it does have isn't enough, and I ain't that young or old for that matter or that impulsive to get the latest stuff.if any of that made sense : )

mantagsi, Sep 4, 9:52am
Haha fair enough :D 7 years old is pretty old for a computer, that is true! XP, 11 years old, I still think that old hoss has a few more years left in it. Its a bit embarassing to admit it but my work PC still uses Windows 2000, and my poor mother uses Windows 3.11 at work! (think 1993)

stealthbida, Sep 4, 10:03am
Crikey!I would like to stick to my budget, but salespeople seem to push the more expensive ones on ya. : p

lostdude, Sep 4, 12:34pm

kevtech, Sep 4, 5:39pm
doesnt matter which you buy, there is always the chance fo getting a lemon. A point to note thou is, all the branded notebooks, HP, Compaq, Toshiba etc only have the notebooks asssembled and branded, they dont make the components which go into them as these are produced by a variety of manufacturers. so if you buy an HP and the screen or say the motherboard craps out it is a fault of the manufacturers and sadly the branded supplier gets the grief. HP, Compaq, Toshiba, Acer etc all buy off the same suppliers/manufacturers

pat1969, Sep 8, 6:17am
Diagree, my Dell was average but my Compaq which I've had for 5 years is bullet proof.

drcspy, Sep 8, 8:11am
yeh and Asus MAKE a lot of their parts including motherboards.

j_j_g, Sep 8, 11:24am
I have "high range" Acer and to be honest I can name at least 5 faults with it.

hakatere1, Sep 8, 2:59pm
Simple, don't let them. Did you check out lostdude's post under your above quoted one!Good buy. First thing to remove off it though would be Norton's crap. There are many freebees better, such as Avast, Mse, Avira, Panda Cloud and AVG. Absolutely no need to buy anti virus.

stealthbida, Sep 9, 8:58am
Yes I have had a look. and youare right.Norton IS 'shiite'!

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