Recommend a printer

waitetuna, Sep 4, 7:58am
What printer can you recommend for around $100-$150 not much photos, don't need a scanner or copier. Small business use, so maybe around 100 pages/month.Any deals on atm! Thanks

wellywood2010, Sep 4, 8:12am
your better spending more money on a printer.Long story short: the cheaper the printer, the higher the cost to maintain ie.Ink/Toner

spend the money now, not later. if not always check the refill price b4 u buy

geoff_m, Sep 4, 8:52am
Do you need colour! If not, get a laser printer. Far, far cheaper to run than an inkjet. I have a BrotherHL1430 which has been great,and costs a fraction of my Canon inkjet. I think the replacement model runs around $130
If you need occasional colour, get a laser and a cheap inkjet for the odd page.

waitetuna, Sep 4, 10:35pm
Thank you :) Yep, I think I need some colour most times. I'll go for look tomorrow.

morrisman1, Sep 4, 10:56pm
I agree with geoff, laser is the way to go. 3 years ago I purchased a brother hl2140 laser for $150 and so far it has printed about 6000 pages and other than paper has cost about $200 in replacement toner and I have about 2000 pages to go on the current toner. You cant complain about those running costs.

If it was an inkjet I would be paying for a black cartridge worth about $50 every 400 pages so it could have cost me up to $750 to do the same work on an inkjet.

for photos you are better off going to a photo lab because no home printer will do a good job of photos.

puddleduck00, Sep 4, 11:19pm
If you do need to print colour, I recommend researching an inkjet model you can buy generic cartridges for (and cheaply). But I wish I had bought a laser printer as inkjets are a pain in the ass because they run out of ink all the time. They're like high maintenance girlfriends. Totally agree with the above posters.

bitsy_boffin, Sep 5, 6:20am
Get a Brother, get it second hand on Trademe, there are some stupidly cheap ones, I just bought two brother multifunction printers in the last 2 weeks for $1 a piece here, complete with cables (!), one was a laser and the other an inkjet, the laser was even full of toner.

The inkjet was empty, and so I took 10 minutes to fill the cartridges myself, you can buy bulk Brother ink in bottles here, just split the plastic cartridge, they have an inner cartridge with plastic film sides, pierce the transparent side, squirt in ink, clean around the hole, and stick some insulation tape over it, job done.

They are really good workhorse printers, I now own 4 different Brothers.

max-e-mim, Sep 5, 6:41am
Buy one for $70 and when the ink runs out buy a new one

waynenz, Sep 5, 9:05am
I have a brother. I use the CISS ink system works well and a lot cheaper

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