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ang851, Sep 5, 11:09am
Hi there I've been using my iphone 4 for a year now and love it to bits.

Was at the mall earlier today and played with a new samsung galaxy s2. The salesman had one for personal use and he said he jailbroke his galaxy and oh boy he let me use it for 5 minutes and I absolutely love how smooth it is! Browsing internet and loading apps seems faster and smoother than iphone. And love the swiping text input.

I was of the impression that my iphone was the best phone in the market, I am very tempted to buy the samsung, is there anything I should know beforehand or any cons for samsung!

suicidemonkey, Sep 5, 11:15am
The iPhone is by no means the best phone on the market as much as Apple would like you to think it is. It's a very good phone and definitely sits up at the top of the ranks, however the high-end Android handsets like the Galaxy do many thing as good or better than the iPhone 4.

The Galaxy has absolutely no cons that I can think of. Fantastic screen, excellent battery life, extremely fast and smooth as you said, good onboard storage with a micro SD card for up to 32GB more, latest version of Android is installed.

deus701, Sep 5, 11:28am
I've heard of battery overheating problems with S2, and i think the iphone4 has 50% longer battery life

73040, Sep 5, 11:36am
Only for rooted phones running unstable kernels and o'cd. Galaxy S2 is definitely better than Iphone 4 hands down in almost all aspects but the real question is how it will stand up against Iphone 5.

suicidemonkey, Sep 5, 11:38am
i have a friend with one. no overheating issues to speak of. and 2-3 days battery with heavy use.

73040, Sep 5, 11:44am
I hardly get 2 days and I have wifi, 3g, auto brightness on with some GPS use, lot of music and internet.

Surely he must be using a custom ROM or atleast rooted.

vtecintegra, Sep 5, 11:45am
No, probably just lighter usage.

If you control the brightness manually you'll get a pretty decent boost from that alone.

suicidemonkey, Sep 5, 12:21pm
2 days is still damn good. I charge my Sensation twice daily.

vtecintegra, Sep 5, 12:24pm
I can get two days off my Nexus S easy (so long as I have wifi), but its a single core with stock Android (no Sense, Touchwiz or anything else)

deus701, Sep 5, 1:55pm
I hear the battery overheating is due to the plastic cover retaining heat compared to metal ones. Im deciding between S2 n sensation, apparently the gps on s2 is pretty average, but better on the sensation.but the sensation has this death grip issues (loses wifi connectivity as you flip in horizontal for browsing)

wazza102, Sep 5, 11:56pm
Why compare Galaxy S2 to iPhone 4! Compare S1 to iPhone 4.

S1 is pretty crap.

vtecintegra, Sep 6, 12:03am
Because the SGS2 and iPhone 4 are about the same price.

The original SGS (or the related Nexus S) is a much cheaper option

wazza102, Sep 6, 12:05am
Yeah, that's depreciation for ya.

iPhone 4 was released in July 2010. S1 was released in June 2010. Comparing it with S2 that was released in May 2011 is unfair. Compare it with the iPhone 5, but then it wouldn't be fair again because S2 would be 6 months old. And it goes on.

vtecintegra, Sep 6, 12:10am
People shop at price points and right now the SGS2 competes with the iPhone 4.Later in the year it'll be competing with the iPhone 5 presumably at the same price point.

Both comparisons are 'fair' as far as the buyer is concerned.

remmers, Sep 6, 12:27am
If you are looking at cost of ownership, check depreciation on both phones, could make a huge difference in overall cost.

loose.unit8, Sep 6, 1:04am
Re: battery life -- I doubled my battery life (Acer Stream) purely by using Juice Defender Pro to control all the wireless functions and automatically turn them off when they are not in use

vtecintegra, Sep 6, 1:08am
Assuming you ever plan on selling the phone.

I'd expect iPhone 4 prices to take a fairly serious hit once the next iterationcomes out anyway.

suicidemonkey, Sep 6, 2:03am
I've had my Sensation for 2 months and i've never experience any loss of connectivity no matter which way I hold it.

sweetie5, Sep 14, 2:19am
how do ya get free facebook on iphone 4 wea do i go to get it

michael555, Sep 14, 2:35am
I'm thinking about moving from my iPhone 4 to the S2 as well

pyro_sniper2002, Sep 14, 3:07am
I'm not sure you can, not that it should matter, if you buy a smart phone you practically need the data plan that goes with it.

Maybe it's just my luck, but I have the weirdest issues with activesync on the SGS1 & 2 that i've had, tells me no mail in an inbox and then suddenly half an hour later the mail appears, same with calendar syncing. It just seems to work on iPhone/snaps we have.

michaelqian, Sep 14, 3:51am
S2 > iPhone 4

clwheat, Sep 14, 9:41am
Have had my SGS II since they came out, rooted. Awesome phone have a Otterbox commuter case for it. it just works, Great for connectivity when travelling and switching over sims between XT and Next G.

ttaotua1, Sep 14, 10:26am
I hate that commercial why you dont own an iphone

deus701, Sep 14, 12:05pm
i like the telecom smartphone advert better.though i like the interface of htc sensation, galaxy s2 is clearly the superior phone in terms of hardware despite is boring dull interface

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