Vodafone webmail unable to type message

persioux, Sep 6, 8:58am
I can view emails, but when I compose it lets me put in senders address & subject. Then when I go to the body of the email. I cannot type. nothing happens. Has anyone else had this problem please. Thanks

gyrogearloose, Sep 6, 9:32am
Works fine for me using Chrome. Have you tried a different browser! Have you tried clearing your browsing history and logging in again!

persioux, Sep 6, 9:49am
I use IE. Where do I clear my browsing history! Do you mean internet history!

claire, Nov 24, 7:48am
I have the exact same problem, just started in the last week or so.


guest, Jan 7, 8:19pm
I have just discovered the same problem. As I am going on holiday I NEED to use web mail. Can anyone help?

guest, Jan 20, 4:47am
hey guys, if your using IE 9. you need to ensure compatibility mode is switched on. This should resolve your issue. clearingf browsing history/cache aint going to do jack all.

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