Adobe flash player

I keep getting the message that I should upgrade Flash player when I try to play youtube clips. As far as I know, I have done this, but I still get the message, and videos still won't play. Any suggestions please!

geek_nanju, Sep 7, 3:31 pm

geek_blenheim-trader, Sep 7, 3:44 pm

geek_gibler, Sep 7, 3:47 pm

I have now downloaded the program 9 times, but it will not install.

geek_nanju, Sep 8, 8:31 am

Go to ad /remove programs and uninstall old versions of Adobe flash first.

geek_blenheim-trader, Sep 8, 8:36 am

geek_gibler, Sep 8, 8:40 am

Have done all these things, but player still won't install

geek_nanju, Sep 8, 10:51 am

I assume you are trying to uninstall/reinstall using an "Administrator" user account.or maybe your web browser is running in a "sandbox".when player doesn't install are there any messages displayed!

geek_chnman, Sep 9, 10:45 pm

pebkac issue.

geek_blenheim-trader, Sep 9, 10:55 pm


why would you download a program 9 times !

geek_drcspy, Sep 10, 8:31 am

Each time trying something different, have uninstalled each download prior, but program still won't install. No messages to indicate non installation. Adobe window says installation successful, and the program appears in the software list, but not in the program files folder. And youtube still wants me to update to watch videos. Program doesn't appear in the search box either.

geek_nanju, Sep 10, 11:44 am

yep +1

geek_gibler, Sep 10, 11:46 am

Installation problems Flash Player

geek_blenheim-trader, Sep 10, 11:56 am

Have installed Google Chrome, and everything works fine.

geek_nanju, Sep 10, 12:38 pm

do you mean you INSTALLED the program 9 times !
or you DOWNLOADED it from the website and SAVED it onto your computer 9 times !

if the 2nd choice then that makes ZERO sense as each time you download it the file is not any different to the next time.

you need to download ONE time and then KEEP the file (save it) for use as and when you need.

geek_drcspy, Sep 10, 12:40 pm

and yet youtube plays with HTML5 and you dont require flash

geek_k.j.whitehead, Sep 11, 10:10 am

geek_lostdude, Sep 11, 6:16 pm