philips go gear sa3115/97 1GB

mike16, Jun 11, 7:25am
Philips go gear sa3115/97 1GB My mp3 player gets recharged thru USB port. I have had it connected for over 12 hours and it's only 1/2 charged. I have to reset the charging often as it shows full but is in facy nowhere that. Help, please !! thanks

0800xford, Jun 11, 7:28am
that's exactly the DAP that i have! no problems like that here though, have you updated any firmware or had it in a cold place recently? are you using the software that came with it you can reset the player. maybe let the thing run itself dead flat then charge it again.

mike16, Jun 12, 9:19am
I'm not .. using the software that came with it. I've plugged the USB into my PC and it starts to charge but stops after a while. And now it charges to .25 full then won't go any further. Bugger !!!!!

vtecintegra, Jun 12, 9:28am
Perhaps the battery is just worn out. How old is it?

0800xford, Jun 13, 1:10am
what i meant is that the software [which i also don't use] can be used to reset the thing/update firmware.

0800xford, Jun 13, 1:32am
have you tried the FAQ here -

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